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Mission Statement

We are here to help you build and grow your business. We take care of our clients with honesty, integrity, and persistence while reflecting the character of God.

What We Do


Our developers use the latest tools and techniques to provide custom-made websites that are elegant, functional, and mobile-friendly. We also work with mobile apps and desktop applications.


Take your business further with the Cart32 Shopping Cart Software, featuring merchant accounts and PayPal solutions. The shopping and ordering process will be easier and faster than ever for your customers!


We'll host your entire site! We offer a wide variety of hosting packages, which place your website on a modern server with business-class security measures and technical support.

Company History


Our current president, Shannon McMurtrey, incorporated our company in 1989. Shannon was a Junior at Missouri State University studying Marketing, and began the company as a prodicer of IT consulting services to small businesses in the Springfield, Missouri area. Bryan Whitaker joined Shannon in 1994.


this was just shortly after Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina released a program through the National Center for Super Computing Applications, called Mosaic. Mosaic was later released as a program called Netscape, and everything changed almost overnight.

Ozarks Online

It became clear to Shannon and Bryan that the Internet was going to change the way software was developed and delivered, as well as the way people communicate forever. Within a short period of time, Shannon and Bryan leased a high speed (56k) connection to the Internet for $1,000/month, and started hosting static web pages for the businesses throughout the Ozarks, marketing the service under the name Ozarks Online.


Our early customers had the crazy idea of wanting to be able to sell things on the Internet, and Bryan had the crazier idea that he could write software to do just that. In late 1996, Cart32 verson 1.0 was released to make that happen.

1997 - Present

Cart32 v2.0, v3.0, v4.0, v5.0, v6.0, and v7.0 were all released successfully. We have now released our most recent version, v8.0. This version has adopted a new, stylish interface. We also redesigned our products and company identity. Our team seeks to enable small businesses to reach new markets and scale their companies in ways they never dreamed possible.

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